About Me

A Guide to Your Goals

I was born the fifth child out of six siblings, aka the baby girl. Since day one, everyone always said I was different from the way I talked to the way I carried my self. I watched my Mother and Father display true love and hard work for 29 years. Their strong dedication gave me the inspiration to always love hard and be loyal to those who love me. Growing up, I always felt as if I got stepped on because of my blindness to love and loyalty. But that never stopped me from loving people. It always seemed to give me confidence to continue to keep loving hard and always stay loyal. Realizing that many people feel the same way but allow situations to defeat them, I decide to start Love Strong Coaching Company. I want to help others feel love and express love in many ways. It's not always imitate relationships that need support but friendships and family-ships need to be healthy as well.